Types Of Agencies & Agents

From time to time you may hear the term Independent Agent or perhaps Captive Agent or even Direct
Agent. These terms should be important to you when shopping for insurance. It depicts the abilities of your
agent/agency in the market place and how they may transact business.
Independent Agent

Independent agents are typically "Self Employed" and choose the Insurance Carriers they represent
to serve their clients. They have abilities to shop or move your insurance to other carriers within the
structure of their agency. They work in the interests of the customer as they
are not employed by an
Insurance Company. Some agents claim to be Independent but in fact are Captive or Direct.

Captive Agent Or Exclusive Agent

Captive Agents typically have a contract with a Specific Insurance Company. They generally have a
commitment to be exclusive to that company and in most cases is unable, by contract,to
any other insurance company.
Being exclusive to one company limits the ability to competitively
shop your coverage for the possibility better rates with an alternate insurance carrier. The loyalty of
the agent/agency would be to obviously favor that company they represent on an exclusive basis.  
With some exceptions, an Independent Agent generally cannot represent a Captive Company.
Examples of a captive agent
might be State Farm, Nationwide, Allstate, Farmers and American Family.

Direct Agents & Direct Companies

Direct Agents are employed by an Insurance Company. Many work at locations that could be
thousands of miles from the location they serve. Most, but not all of the transactions handled by
Direct Agents are by Telephone, Internet, email or mail. As a consumer, you may not have any ability
to meet any agent in person to transact business or discuss your coverages. You may also speak to
a different person each and every time you call for service.  Examples of a Direct Agent or Company
might be  Esurance, GEICO,  SafeAuto, 21st Century "Direct", Liberty Mutual, USAA,
Progressive "
Direct"  and The General.

Do not get confused when making a choice

Some insurance companies now offer products through Independent Agents and
. In these scenarios, the insurance company usually operates each sector
independent of the other. Consumers need to ask " Will I have an appointed and
specific Agent?" If the answer is NO, you are probably dealing with a Direct
Company/Agent.   If the word DIRECT is in the company name, that is a good
indicator you will have NO Specific AGENT.
AP-6701 04/26/2010
Dealing Direct vs Your Local Agent
Is there a value in having a local agent that you can sit face to face with? A person whom you can put a face to and build a one
on one business relationship with. A person you will know and who knows you. Not just another number as they say.  The myth
that dealing direct is less expensive is what many are lead to believe. Most, if not all companies that offer direct sales of
insurance products have central call centers that may be hundreds or even thousands of miles away from you.  When you call
with a question or concern, seldom if ever will you talk to the same person. In some cases all the answers you get from these
individuals are " Scripted".  They may know their product but most lack the depth of "Insurance Knowledge" that may be
necessary to give you the right coverage that you need or have discussion to reveal your real needs. Local agents are familiar
with the demographics of where you live, work and play. We believe there is a real perception of value in a local agent.
Remember, your local agent is a local business that pays local taxes, employs local citizens and has interaction with the local

         There is the saying that "you get what you pay for".  
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